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How to Take the Perfect Picture at Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo

How to Take the Perfect Picture at Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo

Shibuya Crossing, the world's busiest intersection in Tokyo

Because we live in the #AgeOfInstagram, one of Japan’s top tourist destinations is a crosswalk. The Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo is one of the world’s busiest intersections. And for 90 seconds at a time, people from all walks of life scramble across the street, dodging Instagrammers from all over the world — myself included.

If you went to Japan, but didn’t return with the perfect Shibuya Crossing photo, did you really go to Japan?

Here are my tips for taking the perfect picture at Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo.

Kyle Legg running into the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo

Tip #1: Get a Head Start

To allow yourself ample time to take the perfect photo at Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, you need to run into the belly of the beast. Stand as close as you can to the edge of the sidewalk and be prepared to look both ways and run into the crossing as soon as the “Walk” symbols appear. Then, turn around and return to your starting point.

Always remember: safety first!

Tips for taking the perfect photo in Tokyo's Shibuya Crossing.

Tip #2: Watch Out for Obstacles

There’s a lot happening in the world’s busiest intersection. People are walking their dogs, pushing strollers, making sudden stops, and swinging selfie sticks around the Shibuya Crossing. Be alert and prepared to make a sudden zig when other crossers zag.

Tip #3: Use Burst Mode

With so much commotion, burst mode is going to be your best friend when taking photos at Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing. The intersection is chaotic, and you want to capture that feeling as much as you want to capture a truly Instagram-worthy photo of yourself. Have your friend press and hold down on the shutter button as you make your way back to the sidewalk.

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